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Chowder Trail History

The Great Chowder Debate

What’s in a chowder? Potatoes, no potatoes; lobster, no lobster; white or red base – everyone has a favourite chowder and a different idea of what makes the perfect bowl. That’s what makes chowder so exciting!

Every bowl is unique and tells a story of who we are and where we’re from. In Nova Scotia, chowder is more than a meal, it’s a feeling, a memory. It’s a cozy afternoon in your grandmother’s kitchen or a break from the cold at the local restaurant down the street.

On the Nova Scotia Chowder trail, you get to discover all the unique and delicious chowders this province has to offer – from Yarmouth to Sydney and everywhere in between. Who knows; maybe you’ll find a new favourite and make life-long memories along the way!

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